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The files below are downloadable in Adobe Acrobat format(PDF). They are Seymour Crays patents.

Technical Patents

Here is a limited selection of Seymour Crays technical patents. The technical patents can be up to ~10 pages.

US4638188.pdf This patent describes the use of Gallium Arsenide circuits. (Cray Research)

US4590538.pdf This is a very interesting patent that describes the liquid cooling of a supercomputer using a liquid such as the 3M liquid called Fluorint ™ . (Cray Reaserch Inc).

US3832603.pdf A system for interconnecting stacked PCBs. (Control Data Corp)

 Ornamental Case Designs

Here are some of Seymour Crays designs for the "ornamental" case of various supercomputers.
The unique design of Cray computers cases/layout makes them stand out against others.

The designs are usually two or three pages.

US-Design-233758.pdf An interesting design with a very short platform. (Control Data Corp)

US-Design-234022.pdf (Control Data Corp)

US-Design-247361.pdf The most well know Cray design. Looks like the Cray-1. (Cray Research Inc)

US-Design-333127.pdf An octagonal design (Cray Computer Corp)


I am looking for any material related to the Cray supercomputers. I will do my best to ensure that this material is conserved for future generations. In particular I am seeking Cray Hardware, Software and Manuals. I can perhaps help with postage costs.


I have no connection with Cray Research or Control Data Corp. All information is from public sources.

If you have any queries or concerns please e-mail me.

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