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PRC-64A radio transceiver

Radio Set AN/PRC-64A

Radio Set AN/PRC-64A

Basic Technical Information

The PRC-64A is a small "special forces" radio set. It was made by the American company "DELCO". Delco made several models of radio that all look very similar ,there is a photo of one on Page 117 of "The Ultimate Spy Book" by Keith Melton. The photo shows a Delco 5300 which looks almost identical to my PRC-64A.

The 5300 was reportedly used by CIA agents in the 1960's and 1970's. The 5300 has a frequency range of 3.0-8.0 Mhz. The PRC-64A has a frequency range of 2.2-6.0 Mhz. The PRC-64A radios I have seen were made in the middle or late 1960's. They are transistorised units and have four crystal controlled channels. Four crystals are used for transmit and another four for receive. The crystals are type CR-78U (in RX) and type CR-89U (in TX). The RX crystals are desired RX frequency plus 455Khz.

Basic Specifications
Dimensions ( 5 inches high, 4.5 inches deep, 10 inches wide)
Transmitter power 5.0 Watts CW,1.5 Watts AM
Built in keying sidetone
An internal or external key can be used, a GRA-71 can also be used.
AM Modulation up to 90%
Internal or external morse key
Receiver sensitivity 2 microvolts CW
Bandwidth AM 6Khz,CW 500Hz
Voltages required.+28V,+12V, and +4V

Operating Information

This unit has various controls the function of which is explained below:
Channel              To select the required TX/RX crystals
BFO                   Adjusts the tone for CW(Morse) or SSB
BW                     Bandwidth (Usually 0.5Khz for CW & 6Khz for AM)
Gain Control       Adjust receiver RF gain an receiver ON/OFF switch
REC-SEND Switch    
Turns on either transmitter or receiver
Adjusts the inductance of the antenna loading coil to match the radio set to the antenna being used.
IND SENS Switch     
Adjusts the sensitivity of the ANT Indicator lamp.  It is most sensitive when on position three.


Channel 1 2.2 to 2.85 Mhz
Channel 2 2.8 to 3.65 Mhz
Channel 3 3.6 to 4.70 Mhz
Channel 4 4.6 to 6.00 Mhz

The technical manual for this radio is TM 11-5820-552-15

Further Technical Information
-Three tools are usually provided.  These include an allen key (for knobs etc) and two alignment tools.
-Three cable reels are usually provided these are:
(a)Antenna 96 feet on movie reel with coloured markers
(b)Counterpoise 96 feet on movie reel
(c)Transmission cable (coax) 35 feet with black molded connector using above two as dipole.
-Battery connector is a 4 conductor Cinch-Jones No 13279 (Please let me know if you have any of these spare!)
-Battery used was BA-1509/PRC-64-Microphone used is magnetic (1900 ohms) and is designed to mount on the finger (it is shaped like a ring!)
-Keying sidetone is provided in headphone/earphone
-Two earphones are provided (600 ohms).  Together they can be used as a simple set of headphones as the PRC-64A has two earphone jacks.
-Two straps are provided with the green carry bag.  One for shoulder carrying the other for hand carrying.

I believe that the PRC-64 was retrofitted to become the PRC-64A by the installation of an "oscillator control assembly" A4A9A3.

This diagram may perhaps help you to connect power to your PRC-64A.

If you can help please e-mail me at
I'm also interested in learning more about the other radios that Delco made such as the 1600,5300,5300B,and 3200 etc